How much do you charge for your service and are there any hidden fees?
We strive to be the most competitive company in our industry. Our prices are determined by type, quantity, and frequency of service. There are no hidden fees in your monthly service.

Do you provide HIPAA/OSHA training?
National Medical Waste owns and operates their own HIPAA, OSHA, DOT, Bloodborne Pathogen, and HAZCOM training platform. With training software to meet your unique needs, we have been able to save facilities thousands per year in training expenses. Please contact us to request pricing.

How often should I get biomedical waste service? 
How often, or frequency of your service depends on your facilities quantity of waste generated. Most often services only need to be every 28 days.

Do you provide containers? What kind?
Corrugated boxes and bags are provided with upgraded containers available at separate pricing upon request.

Do you sell Sharps containers?
We carry a variety of supplies available through your representative. Sizes range from 5 quart to 18-gallon sharps containers.

What goes in a Sharps container?
Sharps containers should be used to dispose of needles, syringes, lancets, scalpels and other sharp objects contaminated with blood or bodily fluids.

What do I do with the Sharps containers?
Sharps containers are used to properly secure used needles, scalpels, etc. They are generally a one-time use container that is closed and locked and then placed in the biomedical waste container for disposal.

Can I put my Sharps containers into a biomedical waste container?
Yes, once sharps containers are full (usually 75% of the container or fill line), they should be closed, locked, and sealed and then placed into the biomedical waste container.

Do you offer other types of waste management services?
We offer shredding and hazardous waste management services. 
National Medical Waste has years of combined experience handling biomedical waste, biohazard waste, medical waste and sharps waste.
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